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Framed sliding doors

Stylish room partition: discover framed sliding doors for your home

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We have no problem with our products being reduced to their appearance. But we still deliver the inner values.



Our sliding door system is designed to be completely modular. No matter what the installation situation, hardware connection or profile geometry, we never leave our innovative basic design. Never!



We do not follow trends and avoid being fashionable. Our sliding doors are aesthetic and unobtrusive.



Our system connects rooms intelligently and sensibly with each other. Assembly is simple and logical. So is the dismantling and reuse of individual components.

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We develop, design and produce so that everything lasts as long as possible. Our system can be expanded and logically supplemented.


Environmentally friendly

Our design provides an important contribution to the preservation of the environment. We produce sustainably with 100% green electricity and use mainly recyclable low-carbon aluminum.

Door systems

We asked ourselves:
What can we do without?

Keep it simple

We think simply and precisely.
And that's exactly how our products are.

Design, calculate and order

Configurator Pro. Now web based in 4.0.

We are convinced that our purpose-driven customer advice is an important contribution to sustainable consumption. In order to provide precise advice, we focus on understanding the customer's needs. Our sliding door configurator provides support in the initial planning phase.

Simple assembly

Preassembled components

The assembly is simple and logical. Our sliding-door-system can be extended and added logically. Almost all connections are mechanical, can be detached again or easily repaired. We develop, design and produce so that everything lasts as long as possible.

Timeless and durable

The rules of good design as a self-image

Our sliding doors intelligently and meaningfully connect rooms. They are timeless and avoid being fashionable. The design allows our customers to use them for many years. Our sliding doors fulfill their purpose and are durable.

Practical and elegant solution for your rooms

Framed sliding doors - like our Sliding-glass-doors and Sliding Doors Wood - are becoming increasingly popular in homes, offices and public buildings. The reasons are many: framed sliding doors are not only extremely functional, but also visually appealing and space-saving. In this article, you will learn about the advantages framed sliding doors offer and why they are recommended as a smart interior design solution.

Space saving and versatile

Framed sliding doors are a clever alternative to conventional doors. This is because, unlike classic door models, they do not require a swing area but slide along the wall to save space. This makes them particularly suitable for small rooms and narrow hallways. They also offer a wide range of possible applications. For example, they can be used as room dividers, cabinet doors or partitions for niches and corners.

Design variety and material selection

Framed sliding doors offer not only functional advantages, but also convince visually. Thanks to the wide variety of designs, they can be perfectly matched to the interior style. Whether rustic, modern or minimalist - framed sliding doors fit into any style of living. Moreover, they offer a wide range of materials such as wood, glass or plastic. Due to the individual design option, framed sliding doors can be used to create true eye-catchers in the room.

More privacy and soundproofing

Framed sliding doors are not only a visual eye-catcher, but also functional. Especially in living rooms, they can help create more privacy. In addition, they provide good sound insulation and thus ensure more peace and relaxation in the room. Framed sliding doors are also increasingly used in offices and public buildings to separate work and meeting rooms and thus create an undisturbed working atmosphere.


Framed sliding doors offer a smart and elegant solution for furnishing rooms. They impress with their space-saving and versatile use, the large design variety and their functional properties. Whether used as room dividers, cabinet doors or partitions, framed sliding doors are an attractive option for anyone who values an appealing and functional room concept.

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