Schlafzimmer mit Ankleide unterteilt durch Schiebetüren mit klarem Glas

Sliding door frosted glass

Stylish frosted glass sliding doors for a modern home

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We have no problem with our products being reduced to their appearance. But we still deliver the inner values.



Our sliding door system is designed to be completely modular. No matter what the installation situation, hardware connection or profile geometry, we never leave our innovative basic design. Never!



We do not follow trends and avoid being fashionable. Our sliding doors are aesthetic and unobtrusive.



Our system connects rooms intelligently and sensibly with each other. Assembly is simple and logical. So is the dismantling and reuse of individual components.

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We develop, design and produce so that everything lasts as long as possible. Our system can be expanded and logically supplemented.


Environmentally friendly

Our design provides an important contribution to the preservation of the environment. We produce sustainably with 100% green electricity and use mainly recyclable low-carbon aluminum.

Door systems

We asked ourselves:
What can we do without?

Keep it simple

We think simply and precisely.
And that's exactly how our products are.

Design, calculate and order

Configurator Pro. Now web based in 4.0.

We are convinced that our purpose-driven customer advice is an important contribution to sustainable consumption. In order to provide precise advice, we focus on understanding the customer's needs. Our sliding door configurator provides support in the initial planning phase.

Simple assembly

Preassembled components

The assembly is simple and logical. Our sliding-door-system can be extended and added logically. Almost all connections are mechanical, can be detached again or easily repaired. We develop, design and produce so that everything lasts as long as possible.

Timeless and durable

The rules of good design as a self-image

Our sliding doors intelligently and meaningfully connect rooms. They are timeless and avoid being fashionable. The design allows our customers to use them for many years. Our sliding doors fulfill their purpose and are durable.

Many advantages

Whether for an office, bedroom or bathroom, these doors can add a modern and elegant touch. In this article we will discuss some of the advantages of sliding doors made of frosted glass.

Space saving

One of the main advantages of sliding doors made of frosted glass is that they save space. Unlike traditional doors that open inward or outward, sliding doors can simply be pushed to the side. This is especially useful in small spaces where it can be difficult to find enough room for a door. By using sliding doors, you can create more space for furniture or other items.

Light transmission

Another advantage of milk glass sliding doors is their light transmission. Frosted glass lets light through, but prevents you from seeing through the door. This means you can still let natural light into your space without sacrificing privacy. This is especially useful in areas like a bathroom where you need light but don't want everyone to see you through the door.


Sliding doors made of frosted glass can also provide aesthetic benefits. They can give your room a modern and elegant look. There are different types of frosted glass that you can choose from, depending on your taste and interior style. Some have more or less transparency and some even have decorative patterns or designs.

Noise reduction

Sliding doors made of frosted glass can also help reduce noise from outside the room. Frosted glass has a soundproofing function that can help block out noise from outside the room. This can be especially useful if you live in a busy area or if the room where the door is installed is near a noisy street or elevator.


Overall, sliding doors made of frosted glass offer many benefits, including space saving, light transmission, aesthetics and noise reduction. If you are looking for an elegant and functional door that can improve your home or office, consider installing sliding doors made of frosted glass.

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