The new all-in-one partition system for more flexibility at the workplace.

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Your vision - planned with our modular system!

The KUHN® modular system offers architects a structured, efficient and adaptable planning basis.

Fixed glazing with glass thicknesses from 6 - 38 mm more
Top running more
Bottom running more
Acoustic curtain system more
Integrated lighting more


We have no problem with our products being reduced to their appearance. We still deliver the inner values.
Besprechungsraum mit Glastrennwand mit Schallschutzglas und Akustikvorhang


Fully modular system technology. Fixed glazing or acoustic elements extend the entire modular system

Technical data

  • Profile face width 60 mm
  • prepared for 6-38 mm material thickness
  • Soundproof glazing up to 46 dB

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Großraumbüro Arbeitsplätze mit verschiebbaren Whiteboards


Can be combined with all aluminum frame, all-glass and honeycomb panel sliding doors.

Technical data

  • Top and bottom running
  • Manually or electrically driven
  • Tight closing
  • Acoustically effective

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Beschreibbare und magnethaftende Whiteboards die auch als Projektionsfläche verwendet werden können


Magnetic, can be written on with board markers and chalk or used as a projection surface with low light reflection. Sound-absorbing with micro-perforation or closed from recycled PET felt.

Technical data

  • 8-38 mm material thickness
  • Wide range of materials and colors available
  • Surface made of HPL or recycled PET felt

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Schienensystem mit Akustikvorhang für mobile Raumtrennung im Büro


Integrated curtain profile for heavy acoustic curtains. The curtain system can also be used separately without fixed glazing.

Technical data

  • Almost all curtain fabrics can be used
  • Clip-on curtain rail suitable for retrofitting
  • Glides and stoppers included in the scope of delivery

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Im Schienensystem integriertes Lichtstreuprofil mit LED-Beleuchtung


Integrated LED lighting, can be used as ambient or ambient lighting.

Technical data

  • Almost all LED lighting systems can be used
  • LED strip width max. 14 mm

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Hettich Group launches innovative New Work pilot project "B2" and relies on KUHN® TW60.


Innovation in every detail: our variety of materials

Our materials inspire designers, visionary architects and discerning consumers who value quality.

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Musteroberflächen in Akustikmaterial für das Büro


A strong partner right from the start.


Our central role in the project lies in providing precise technical advice and the customized configuration of the modular rail system. With our expertise, we not only design solutions, but also ensure smooth integration for the success of the overall project.


Our key role lies in the precise selection of materials and the creative combination of different materials. Through targeted material combinations, we design not only aesthetics but also functionality in order to optimize and enrich the project as a whole.


Our contribution includes precise detailed technical planning using CAD or 3D, as well as the careful preparation of tender texts. Through these steps, we create the basis for smooth implementation by not only recording the technical aspects in detail, but also setting clear guidelines for the tendering process.


Our service includes precise measurements and professional installation work. Through accurate measurements and professional installation, we help to ensure that the project is implemented smoothly and to the highest standards. Our role is to transform the vision into reality with care and expertise.

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Innovative partition wall systems for flexible room design

Partition wall systems are the solution for modern and flexible room design. With their versatility and adaptability, they make it possible to create different work areas without restricting spatial freedom. These innovative systems offer not only privacy and acoustic insulation, but also aesthetic design options for every room.

Wide range of applications for every need

Whether in offices, schools, restaurants or homes - partition wall systems adapt to every need. They enable new rooms to be created quickly and easily or existing areas to be redesigned without having to carry out complex construction work. From transparent glass walls to sound-absorbing and flexible fabric partitions, they offer numerous options for individual room design.

Functional benefits for a pleasant indoor climate

The functionality of partition wall systems extends beyond simply dividing a room. They improve the indoor climate by reducing noise while providing sufficient light transmission. They can also be equipped with integrated technologies such as smart soundproofing elements or customizable lighting systems to maximize the comfort and efficiency of the space.

Sustainable solutions for environmentally conscious design

In the age of environmental protection, sustainable solutions are of great importance. Partition wall systems are increasingly made from environmentally friendly materials and are reusable, which not only reduces the environmental impact but also saves costs. The longevity and flexibility of these systems help to ensure that rooms can be designed to last and conserve resources.

Future-oriented room design with partition wall systems

Partition wall systems are more than just functional room dividers - they are the future of interior design. With their versatility, functionality and sustainability, they offer individual solutions for a wide range of environments. From creating productive workspaces to creating inspiring and versatile rooms, partition systems are an essential part of modern architecture and space planning.

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